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Are you a "social triathlete"?

So you might be wondering what exactly am I talking about when I'm asking if you're a "social triathlete"? In my mind, I'm just a regular person that happens to be doing this crazy thing called triathlons. Now mind you, I still struggle with stating the words "I am a triathlete". So part of my journey includes connecting with the world around me in a way that I would have never thought of doing six years ago before starting this active lifestyle. I make it a point to stop and engage with all those around me while training, while racing...while living.

Let me introduce you to a little market on Brinks Road, Virginia between Lake Gaston and Emporia.

It sits right smack in the middle of a beautiful stretch of road that provides, for the most part, a safe 36 mile stretch of road bordered by thoudands of acres of peanut farms, pumpkin patches, a self-serve golf driving range to name a few of the diversions to keep in interesting. Melissa and I love to ride out there early on Saturday mornings when we're in the area because we can count on the store already being opened and an opportunity for a potty break. Did I mention that it's 36 miles total ? :-)

We have had this routine now for several years along with our friend Wendy so we are no longer the "crazy bike ladies" of the previous years.

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