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Alive2Tri Philosophy

Train Hard...Race Easy

Dream Big...Empower Others

These words sound so simple but they are the HEART of what our company was built on.  For years, we looked for an organization that not only trained for Multisport but enriched the lives of those that it trained and touched.  

That is our mission.

WE are the social triathlete.  The weekend warrior.  Whether standing on the podium or the final finisher, we support EVERY athlete, whether they are OUR athlete or not.  

Our Coaches
Martha Centeno

Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Breast cancer survivor.  Software engineer. Triathlete.  Mentor. Coach.  Just a few words that you can use to describe who I am.  But at the end of the day, I am just a regular woman that chose to change my lifestyle in 2011 after meeting my now business partner and friend Melissa Daly.  I learned that I could do so much more than I thought I could.  With hard work and determination I completed my first ever half marathon in February 2011 and have never looked back.  Since then I have completed multiple half marathons, and triathlons covering everything from super sprints to half ironman distances.  The biggest satisfaction I get is seeing other "regular" people accomplish their goals.

  • USAT Level 1 Certified Coach

  • Training Peaks Level 1 Certified Coach

  • 2019 USAT Ambassador

  • USAT Certified Official Cat 4

  • CPR/First Aid Certified

Triathlon is my passion...and what saved my life.  I am 54 years old but my "rebrithday " was Dec.1, 1998 when I entered a clinical trial for the gastric bypass. 19 years and 180lbs lost later, I needed a way to keep the weight off and have fun doing it.  I did my first sprint triathlon in 2000 and never looked back .  After over 60 triathlons, 40 marathon and half marathons and multiple half ironman finishes, I realized that there was a need for a coach to focus on the "everyday athlete" that loves the challenge of the sport but also wants to have fun.  I became a USAT Level 1 coach in 2010 to do just that.  My greatest joy is helping others acheive their endurance and fitness dreams.  I hope you will do me the honor of helping you with yours.​

  • USAT Level 1 Certified Coach

  • SSI/NAUI Certified Scuba Instructor

  • NESTA Certified Fitness Instructor

  • Team In Training Certified Coach

  • CPR/First Aid/Lifeguard Certified

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